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Hollis Shaner



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I hold a bachelor's degree in education. I graduated from Ashford University magna cum laude.


My passion is teaching students in a fun and memorable way. I have over 25 years of teaching and homeschooling experience. I have spent many hours planning, adapting curriculum, applying my knowledge of learning styles, and incorporating several educational philosophies to meet the needs of students, because each one is unique, and each learns in a verity of ways. In addition, I believe that you are the expert regarding your child, therefore, I am excited about partnering with you to give your student the best possible learning experience. My expertise and your intimate knowledge of your child can only result in his/her success. I currently teach English (grammar, writing, and English literature) to a wide range of students fourth through twelfth grade. I also teach lower-level math through pre-algebra. Encouraging creativity through art classes is another favorite past time of mine.

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25 minute lesson- 25$
30 minute lesson- 30$
45 minute lesson- 45$
60 minute lesson- 60$