Frequently Asked Question – Students

At, to gain full access and be able to book lessons and engage with teachers, it is required that you sign up to and become a member. Sign up is free, and you only pay if you decide to book lessons. Once you’ve signed up, you have access to all teachers on our platform, no matter what subject you would like to learn, no matter what location your teacher may be teaching from. This will allow you to have access to the best teachers available on the internet, anywhere in the world. Firstly, we recommend that all new students head over to the profile tab and fill in any necessary details you would like to have displayed on your profile. If you choose to have an anonymous profile, the ball is in your court…at, you can enjoy face to face lessons with awesome teachers, live-streamed in real-time, on your terms!

Safety Precautions with adults teaching minors:

Although internet based tuition from the comfort of your home is generally safer than having lessons at your teachers house or facility, we still prioritise safety measures for all students. Before approving teachers to teach on our platform, we check all teachers for criminal records, and only accept teachers that have a valid working with childrens check. A proven work record and adequate experience is also part of our criteria to allow teachers to provide their services on

How do I book a lesson on Lesson Cancellations:

At, lessons are always on your terms. If you decide to cancel a lesson, you can do so without any problems and no questions asked, provided that you cancel before 24 hrs of your scheduled lesson. Simply go into your My Lesson tab and select the lesson you would like to cancel, and click the Cancel button. An email will be sent to your teacher notifying them of your cancellation. The lesson fees for your cancelled lesson will be sent to your Wallet, for use when making your next booking on Funds in your Wallet cannot be withdrawn, and is credit to be used on the platform.

What happens if my teacher fails to show for a lesson?

In the unlikely event that your teacher fails to show for a scheduled lesson, your lesson will not be marked complete, so your payment for that lesson will not be charged. That lesson will still remain pending. We recommend students to contact their teacher and reschedule the missed lesson. If you require further assistance, please contact support on